Application Materials: What you'll need to prepare

Here's a brief guide on preparing the materials you'll need to apply to companies using the Workparty platform.
For Candidates
August 31, 2023
Application Materials: What you'll need to prepare

Hey there! I'm Q from the Workparty team. Our goal at Workparty is to help you cut through the noise and tell your story in the most human and effective way to teams that you're actually really excited to talk to.

Sharing your resume

Submitting your application here is super easy - just pick one of these three simple options:

1. Share your LinkedIn profile. This lets us see your full work history and skills. Don't worry about optimizing your profile for buzzwords - we care way more about your actual experience. Just share your profile as is.

2. Share your Read.CV profile. Read.CV is a new, popular profile service that highlights your experience across work, side projects, and other interests. This also gives us a great overview of your background. Again, no need to tweak it or make it formal. Keep it real so we can get to know the real you!

3. Upload a PDF resume. If you don't have an online profile, no prob! Upload your resume as a PDF. Make sure it's up to date, but don't stress about formatting it to perfection.

Additional materials

Additionally we provide the option to submit a link to your online website.

  • This could be a portfolio — if you're a designer, we highly recommend including this.
  • It could be a GitHub page — if you're a developer,
  • Your blog — if it's relevant to your skills
  • or an Instagram profile for your dog — if you're a marketer and you've gotten them hooked up with brand deals to bring home extra bones each month).
  • Or if you have this material available as a PDF or slide deck presentation you can paste in a Dropbox or Google Drive link.

Sometimes we know that this material needs to be behind a password to prevent it from being available publicly. We also have a field in the application that asks for access instructions– you can add your password or any notes there.

The main thing is to relax and share your true experience and personality. Hiring managers want to get to know the real you, not just what looks good on paper. This is about making real human connections! So pick whichever option works for you, and let your authentic self shine through. We can't wait to help you land your next role in your career.

Got more questions? Ping us: or drop us a note on our contact form!