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Success guaranteed, or your money back
Preferred pricing available for recruiters

Workparty Core

Per closed role
Launch new jobs and accept applicants
Video pitch roles
AI powered job post
Candidate video apply
Live support via Slack
Talk to a Team Member
For growing teams

Workparty Plus

For teams looking to fill multiple roles with A players
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Priced per role, money back guarantee
AI powered recruiting process operations.

Launch, interview, and close candidates with a seamless experience
Launch a branded career site
Interview plans & rubrics for each role
Interview kits for candidates and panel members
Automagical interview scheduling
Market compensation data
Branded offer letters
Live support via Slack & phone
Talk to a Team Member




Price per role
$1,000 per closed role
Money back guarantee
Yes, with custom SLA
Video pitch your role
AI-powered job descriptions
Video candidate apply
Premium job board posting
Branded career site
Rapid candidate screening
Magical scheduling
Branded offer letter
New hire onboarding management
New hire swag kits
Custom role implementation
Custom library of SME and pitch videos
Multi-language support
Integrated background checks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription? How does the billing work?
Workparty Plus is not a subscription. You pay per launched role, with a money back guarantee.
How does the money back guarantee work?
We want to ensure Workparty works for you. If you aren’t successful in hiring someone, you won't be charged. If you succeed in hiring someone, but they aren't a good fit and depart within 6 months of hiring, you can repost the role at no charge or receive a refund.
How do I use Workparty?
Workparty's app for hiring teams is currently only available via iOS and Android. A responsive web application will be available later on. Interviewers can use our mobile app, or a web browser to interview and provide feedback. The candidate experience works via any platform.
How does Enterprise work?
Our team will work with you to customize your Workparty implementation, including filming and setting up a library of pitch videos and integrating into your hiring processes more directly. Get in touch with us to learn more.
I'm a recruiter, can I use Workparty with my clients?
Definitely. We have a recruiter version of Workparty with specialized pricing. Email recruiter@workparty.ai to get in touch.
How do I get started with Workparty?
Workparty is now accepting new customers. Sign up here to get access to Workparty today.

Founders love Workparty

Bryan F
@bry4n • Sept 2
“Before using Stack we just couldn’t get our act together - productivity was low and the place was a mess. After Stack we became MVP of our field. 💪🏽💪🏽”
Jo Howard
@j0howard • Sept 2
“I won’t mince words, Stack is 100% legit. Our workflow has been supercharged by the plethora of design options and the attnetion to detail is seriously next-level. GET INTO IT.”
Kath Hodge
@khodge3 • Sept 2
“What was especially amazing was the breadth of the design. This isn’t just one or two basic pages, it covers all the bases and allows us to launch fully realised websites faster than ever. ✌️”
Connor P.
@gitit_2day • Sept 2
Without Stack we would still be managing things the bad old way: wasting time, missing deadlines and finger-pointing. No more! Pivot has saved our business. 💰
Joan S.
@sikchik57 • Sept 2
At first we were using templates solely to mock up designs for clients, but the design of Stack was so strong that the client demanded we keep it.

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