Standing out with Your Video Submission

Here's a quick guide on how to crush your two-minute video submission as part of applying to roles using Workparty.
For Candidates
August 31, 2023
Standing out with Your Video Submission

Hey there! I'm Q from the Workparty team. Our goal at Workparty is to help you cut through the noise and tell your story in the most human and effective way to teams that you're actually really excited to talk to. One of the critical ways is via our Video Response component of applying. When you apply to roles using Workparty you'll be asked to film a quick two-minute video reply to why you're excited about the role and company.

Why should I submit a video response to that first question?

First off, hiring managers and recruiters are overwhelmed right now with candidates using platforms like LinkedIn to "one-click" apply to jobs. That's why they're using aggressive keyword matching and rules to filter down the applications to a number they can go through. In a sea of applications, we know standing out from the crowd is the key to the game.

That's why we highly recommend taking the time to record the optional 2-minute video response. This is your chance to highlight your passion and interest in this role, the team, and the company you're applying to. This allows your personality, passion, and fit for the role to shine through in a way that just isn't possible in written form. (And definitely shows effort and interest that's miles above any "easy apply" button.)

First impressions matter, and submitting a video introduction makes a phenomenal first impression. While the average recruiter spends just 7 seconds scanning a resume, they are invested in your response. It's a key reason teams use Workparty to collect applications from candidates like you! This gives you 2 minutes of focused time to make an impact.

What is this video response?

On most of the job descriptions using Workparty you'll see a video from the hiring manager that introduces themselves, talks about the company, what you'll be working on, and details about how you could be successful and make an impact in this role.

Think of this as a reply to that video and the first interview question that hiring managers will ask you!

During this two-minute video, you'll be asked to quickly introduce yourself, and speakk to why you're interested in the role and the company. But don't stress, you can reshoot and refilm your video multiple times before submitting. And it's not designed to be perfect.

The Workparty interface will prompt you on what you should cover in this video response

How to record a great video response

First: your environment

First, you'll want to set up your recording environment - find a quiet, distraction-free spot with soft, natural lighting. Avoid having a window behind you, as backlighting can make you appear dark on camera. Your smartphone camera will provide better video quality than your computer webcam, so prop your phone up on some books on a table or desk to record. Dress as you would if you were interviewing in person, from the waist up since that’s all that will be in frame. Lastly, a tidy background or plain back wall are important finishing touches.

Second: what you're going to say

Next, prepare some bullet points (not a full script, which can sound stiff) highlighting what you want to cover in your 2-minute video. The two minutes go by quickly, so time yourself and do a practice round or two! (The app will cut you off at the two minute mark.)

Open with a quick introduction: think "Hi it's Ryan and I'm a product manager with 6 years of experience.

Then discuss what most excites you about this specific role, including details you've uncovered about the day-to-day responsibilities. Focus most of your time, however, on why you’re interested in the company itself - speak to the mission, values, leadership and culture you’ve seen from their careers page and what the hiring manager shared in their video. This is about your enthusiasm for the opportunity, not just presenting your past experience, which we already have from your resume.

Relax and focus on authenticity over perfection.

Let's watch an example

For example, if Ryan was applying for a Product Manager role at a billing software company called Beautymark, he could say:

Hi. I'm Ryan, a product manager who's worked in the financial technology space for the last three years. What caught my attention about the role is the Mission at Beautymark. As a son of a dermatologist, I saw firsthand how difficult it was for doctors to manage their billing. Patients are confused, doctors have to deal with insurance authorizations, and nothing is easy. I also really like seeing that transparency is a core value.I've always found that being default transparent helps organizations move faster, and I really like that working style. I'm really looking forward to being able to connect and learn more about the Beautymark Team and Product. Thanks.”

You've got this!

Let us get to know the real you beyond your resume. Good luck, but we're all confident you won't need it.