We started Workparty because

Hiring is incredibly high stakes

Hiring has lost it’s humanity

We started Workparty because we believe hiring is too high stakes to screw it up. Payroll represents the most expensive cost for early stage teams — far more than any software subscriptions you have.

On top of it being expensive, it's a whole new skillset. Founders are asked to go from fundraising straight to being a recruiter. Hiring for roles they never had to in the past. We want to make that seamless.

Hiring software has become a buzzword arms race. With job posts being flooded with low effort applications sent in bulk, and applicant tracking tools being redesigned to help hiring managers buzzsaw through resumes.

We think both companies and candidates have a unique story to tell. And by introducing more humanity into the process, automating the grueling work of scheduling and content generation, and having a POV on how to hire excellently, we can transform the industry to better match companies to candidates, so everyone can have a fulfilling career.

And it's just unicorns and rainbows from there.