Recording your video pitch

Here's a quick guide to completing your video pitch to open new roles.
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October 26, 2023
Recording your video pitch

Here at Workparty we use short video pitches from hiring managers to help streamline and automate parts of the recruiting process. We've found that a brief, personal video introduction can be more engaging for candidates than a traditional text-based job description.

Video pitches work, trust us. They create an authentic first touch experience with prospective candidates – and helps you connect more effectively with top talent. Plus, as part of applying to a role via Workparty, candidates are asked to reply to your video with a recording of their own.

The 3 parts of your video pitch

Each Workparty video pitch consists of three parts, which is stitched together.

  1. Your introduction
  2. Role introduction
  3. Clarify success

Your introduction

This video should be roughly 30 seconds long and should cover a brief introduction of who you are as a hiring manager (your name, title, how long you've been with the company, team you're on).

It should also include a brief introduction to the company and what your business does. Think an elevator pitch that you could say during a dinner party to someone unfamiliar with your line of work.

Here's an example from Ryan, the founder of a pizza delivery platform, Slice Express.

Role Introduction

This next video should be roughly 60 seconds long and introduce the role to prospective candidates. During this time, be sure to talk about the type of product, service, or team that they will work on. Help candidates visual their day to day at the company.

Critically, highlight any unique skills or past experience that would help them stand out. For instance, is there any specific industry experience that would be helpful?

Here's Ryan again, walking through his new role:

Clarify Success

This last video should be roughly 30 seconds long. In this segment, you'll help candidates visualize what it would take to be successful in this role. Highlight the impact they could have on the business, product, or your customers in the next 12 months. Identify any KPIs or high-level metrics you'll use to measure their performance, and explain how you'd know they will have succeeded in the role a year from now.

Here's Ryan walking through what he's hoping this new hire will do over their first year:

Tips to recording a great video pitch

When it's time to record your video pitch, here are some tips to help you create an effective video:

  1. Choose a quiet location. Find a spot without background noise so your voice will be clear. An office, conference room, or home office usually works well. Avoid loud environments like cafes or airports.
  2. Use natural lighting. Position yourself facing a window or other light source so your face is evenly lit. Avoid having a bright light source behind you.
  3. Dress professionally. Wear business casual attire or whatever is standard for your workplace. You want to look neat, tidy, and approachable.
  4. Use a plain background. A solid wall, curtains, or greenery is ideal. Avoid cluttered spaces or backgrounds with lots of movement.
  5. Don't over-prepare. The more casual and striaghtforward you sound, the better.

You can always re-record your video pitch

At any time you can re-record or replace the video used to pitch candidates. Just let our team know and we can help you re-shoot your video.